Should you have any reason to need support on the apps. Please contact me here.

********* NOTE *********

We will NOT respond to any support requests unless you provide the APP NAME, DEVICE (e.g. iPhone 6s) and operating system version (e.g. 8.01).


26 Responses to Support

  1. meandmyapps says:

    HI there,

    If you are using the app in 1:1 scale then just read the measurements from the on-screen ruler, or alternatively, drag the measurer (drag box) to the item you want to measure and read the measurement.

    If you are using a particular scale then the app will automatically determine the rough measurement for you and will show it next to the drag bar.

    The reason the inches and cm start at different ends is so that you can always measure from the top left as per standard rulers.

    Hope this helps.

  2. meandmyapps says:

    its a possibility..

    What are you looking for in return?

    Can you describe step by step the process?


  3. LisaMcCollum says:

    My test kits and chemical test are all in gallons, Is there a place to change from ppm/gallon? if not, I just wasted $2.99 for an that will not work for me,,,

  4. Monte Rowland says:

    I’m not able to Calculate any chemical adjustments. This feature doesn’t seem to be activated. The volume calculator works good. Any advice would be helpful.
    Thank you
    Monte Rowland

  5. Zaratero says:

    Sorry. It crashes on boot.

  6. ES says:

    Hi there
    Just bought TC calculator. Not working. When I try to select material it crashes. Is this a joke?

    • meandmyapps says:

      Hi there,

      We have just been informed by a few users that the to calculator is no longer working on the latest iOS version.

      We are going to start an immediate update and it should be with you very soon once the Apple Store approves it.

      In the meantime, if you have an older phone with an earlier iOS, please run it on that.

  7. Jeremy ford says:

    Hi. I just bought scale ruler and it won’t run on my iPhone 6s Plus running latest iOS. Please help.

  8. Cody Petersen says:

    I just downloaded the clapperboard app…. It opens fine, but whenever I press either the start button or the settings button, it crashes. It’s useless and I would like a refund.

    • meandmyapps says:

      Thank you for your feedback – we have received another comment stating that there seems to be issues with the app.
      We shall look at this immediately and if an update is required we shall issue this free of charge as a matter of course.

  9. Hi I just purchased your clapper board app and it does no function at all it is more like a photo with no functionality . Please advise
    Thank you

    • meandmyapps says:

      HI there,

      Thanks for your email – we have received one or two comments similar to this and we are currently investigating the app.
      If it is found that it does not work in certain circumstances then we will provide a free upgrade.
      Is it the iPhone or iPad version you are using?

  10. Barry says:

    Hi the brick calculator app does not work on my iPhone 5se on 9.3.2
    Press app says loading then closes back to my home screen. Can you fix this?

  11. Jon says:

    Depth of Field is a ripoff piece of crap. It doesn’t function on my iPhone 6. I want a refund immediately!

    • meandmyapps says:

      I am really sorry to hear hat this polo aim is not working for you.
      We are currently updating many of our apps to support the latest os. You will of course receive a free update when it becomes available. Should you wish to still obtain a refund. Please visit the app,e store and follow the refund process.

      Once again, apologies that this pp does not work for you.

  12. Can’t open Concrete Calculator on my iPhone 6 s Plus. What do I do now?

  13. Victor says:

    I just purchased and downloaded your Clapperboard App but it quits upon launch right after I touch screen to go in either settings, DSLR or standard. Basically won’t work at all.

  14. William Foster says:

    Clapperboard iPhone 6 Plus your clapperboard app doesn’t work I have replied to this before with absolutely no response from you and I’m now at the point of going to the proper authorities to have you up for fraud charges as you obviously just make one page apps that don’t do anything that people are paying you for with the thought that you might actually be giving them a product that they are paying for so you need to get hold of me

    • meandmyapps says:

      Hi William. I am really sorry to hear that th app isn’t working for you.
      You can rest assured that the app and apps I build are not scams and are indeed fully working. Currently, we have run into version issues with iOS 9.x and as such, some of our apps are no longer working on recent firmware versions. We had hoped to release updates to the apps quicker than we have but unfortunately, we haven’t.

      We appreciate your feedback and suggest that you can obtain a refund from Apple which is the best course of action in this case. As you have highlighted this to us, we shall now look to remove this app until we have provided a suitable update.


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